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How to bind Google two steps Authentication?

First Step download Google Authenticator

1. Android users visit Google Play to search Google Authenticator.

2. iOS users visit App Store to search Google Authenticator.

Second Step,Google two step authentication for your F8Coin account binding

Step1,Go to the Account -Security page, click Google Authenticator to enter the Google validation page.

Important Note: Secret key can be rebuilt on the new phone when the previous phone is lost. Please copy the secret key for backup,so that you can use it when you need to recover.Please keep the secret key properly to prevent leakages.

Step2, Open the Google authentication validator and choose the way to generate it.

1. Add account to Android version

2. Add account to iOS version

Two ways of generating:

1. click [scan bar code] to directly scan the QR code on the F8Coin Google validation page.

Android users please pay attention: If you are prompted to update Google Play while scanning the QR code , and you can't access Google Play normally, you can enter the s ecret key instead (the phone may display as: enter the provided key).

2. Click [manually enter the verification code], enter F8Coin Google two step verification page secret key.

Step3,if generating success it will display 6 digit verification code and account number.

Step4,enter the 6 digit authentication code on the Google validator and enable Google validation to complete the binding.

Important Note:

1.  Google 6-digit digital verification code is valid for 30 seconds. The old one will no longer be useful after updating. Be sure to enter the newly generated 6-digit digital verification code.

2.  Some phones need to be restarted after generating digital code and then could be verified.