F8Coin_ Global Digital Currency Asset Trading Platform_ Trans-Fee Mining
Company Profile

Company background

F8Coin, headquartered in the Philippines, is a win-win consensus exchange sponsored by eight major investment institutions with a joint investment of $200 million.It has obtained the second exchange licence issued by the Philippine government and has been registered in succession in various countries.F8Coin has dozens of branches worldwide, serving over 2 million customers。Relying on strong shareholder strength and background, its core team has been engaged in block chain projects for nearly 10 years.At the beginning of this year, F8Coin launched a technology strategy, bringing in a large number of technical personnel from Google, Microsoft, Tencent, Ping An and other enterprises, and focusing on the construction of risk management system.  F8Coin has the most complete product line and complete industrial strategic layout in the industry. We will continue to meet the needs of global users through innovative products and services.The F8Coin security fund scheme is officially fully launched, and the platform will invest 10 billion pesos ($180 million) to protect the assets of the platform's investors.

8 Investment institutions

TS Capital, GBC Capital, HTC Foundation, VVBTC, VVCAPITAL, B Headlines, Bobby Finance, Currency Competition

8 industry chains

F8 Public Chain, F8 Exchange, F8 Coin Exchange Win-win Program, F8 Peak Club, F8 Fund, F8 Forecast Open Platform, F8 Exploration Laboratory, F8 Media

Enterprise vision

F8Coin is not a single exchange, Token or fund. It is a new financial structure that aggregates a number of regional chains of innovation, leading the industry forward by constantly building an industrial chain that can not be crossed by competitors.