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Token listing & application

F8 Application Requirements:In order to protect the interests of investors, F8 will evaluate the assets and all listed coins must meet the following conditions - including but not limited to:
1、Projects have actual technical support or practical application.
2、High community activity with many members.
3、No policy risk, meet professional compliance requirements.
4、Timely disclosure of project information, project white papers, regular development, progress reports, etc.
5、Other sperified requirements for being listed on F8.
Please submit the required materials for the relevant information in accordance with the requirements of the application form of applying to list. Click to download the application form. Send it to bussiness@f8coin.in or add the business WeChat account:F8Coin1314.

Delisting Policy:

In order to retain project’s trade and delist right on our exchange , if project teams trigger the following conditions - including but not limited to:
1、Project team disbanded;
2、Projects are suspected of illegal and criminal activities such as money laundering, fraud or pyramid selling.
3、Due to strategic adjustment and development needs, the project operation team actively requested delist.
4、False information, major deviations in information disclosure.
5、Other circumstances that are sufficient for delisting.
F8 will issue a delisting announcement for projects that trigger the delisting condition 7 days in advance. Within 30 days from the date of announcement, users shall transfer the currencies to their personal digital asset wallets or other trading platform accounts.